Saturday, December 10, 2011

Papaya, Japanese Supermarket in Jakarta

Last Saturday, I invited my father to go shopping in a supermarket that is unique in the number of Melawai, Blok M - Jakarta.
Unique is not just any supermarket supermarket usually, but a supermarket which specialized in providing the daily needs of Japanese citizens living in Jakarta.

Japanese Import Needs in Indonesia

Papaya Supermarket, not half-hearted to import all their daily needs to Jakarta.
See, not only Japanese nationals who became an importer in Papaya Supermarket food needs, but also supply the Korean nation there.

Burn & Fried Foods
The Japanese are very fond of the grilled and fried foods, make Papaya Supermarket provides some typical country Sakura menu.
Perhaps because these foods are still hard to find in Jakarta, it is no wonder, a grilled eel dihargai@IDR.78.000, -. *Hueh, very expensive.

Onigiri & Bento Foods
Who is not familiar with rice clod-named "Onigiri" by the Japanese society?
Yup, because this Japanese supermarket, to be sure they also sell various kinds of Onigiri and fast food lunch -> "Bento".
Create your a muslim, fortunately this supermarket is very wise to give an appeal by giving the sign "Beware Containing Pig" on the bento sold at Papaya Supermarket.

Bread Typical of Japanese
For those of you who like a cartoon character Doraemon Dorayaki certainly remember.
Dorayaki, belong to the class of traditional Japanese cakes (wagashi) that looks a bit chubby round, consisting of two pieces of cake with peanut butter stuck on red. Dorayaki the texture is soft and similar to the Japanese cake called Kastela for dough containing honey.
So, if you come to Jakarta and Dorayaki like cake, it's good to visit Papaya Supermarket to get Japanese cakes at a price that makes sense.

Kracie also Present in Papaya Supermarket
Kracie, shampoo Japanese who has been known since 30 years ago, also exist in Papaya Supermarket.
For the price, hmm .. I think pretty expensive for people of Indonesia.

The Daiso
Japan which has a typical hardware store cheap, The Daiso also present in Papaya Supermarket.
So, if you want to buy unique items from Japan, stop by to daisho. Because here you can find a series of original objects from Japan at a price paten@IDR.22.000, - for all the goods that are sold there.


  1. Les bahasa inggris dulu baru nulis..pusing baca grammarnya

    1. I think she was using Google Translate.
      Can't blame her though, at least she's trying..

  2. Thanks infonya. Anonymus diatas, jangan sirik deh. Kamu belum tentu bisa.